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April 4, 2007 by Alpha Tellurian
I have attempted, on a number of occassions, to use Styler Toolbar, and every time I get the same result; which is nothing. App is intalled correctly, skins are in proper folder but still nothing. Is there some trick to getting it to work?
February 13, 2007 by Alpha Tellurian
Is there a way to customize the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon that appears in the task tray, to represent the type of device connected at that time?
March 30, 2006 by Alpha Tellurian
I just learned you can receive a GMail account if someone invites you that already has one. Anyone out there with a GMAil account willing to invite me so I can get one?

January 25, 2006 by Alpha Tellurian
When is the next GUI Olympics and what are the criteria?

Not that I have a chance of winning, just curious.
January 25, 2006 by Alpha Tellurian
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May 16, 2005 by Alpha Tellurian
Has Anyone seen this Apple Dashboard video? How can one recreate that nifty water effect when dropping components onto your desktop area? If someone knows, I would really like to. TX